Mikrasia Mykonos

Carrying the nostalgia, the multicultural character and cosmopolitan flair of the glorious city of Smyrna and the wider ancient Ionia, Mikrasia Restaurant captures the city’s rich heritage in its intriguing flavors, luxurious, yet warm welcoming atmosphere, design and décor as well as background music. Embraced by the Aegean sea, the Mikrasia Restaurant takes you on a journey to the coasts of east Aegean sea. Every dish, a blend of flavors, a mix of cultures ready to excite your gustatory palates.

The authentic recipes, the robust spices and creative modern twists along with the cozy, intimate setting evoke a feeling of a bygone era with an extra touch of refinement. Prepare your taste buds for the most flavorsome revelations of intriguing tastes and aromas accompanied by fine quality wines and bubbly champagne. Get ready to start a new culinary tradition.

A Journey to Smyrna’s Secret Recipes

The city of Smyrna was a vibrant city and hub of international trade visited by people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. So, besides the Greek community, Smyrna attracted the English, French, Italians, Dutch, Turks and Armenians all bearing their own local cultures and traditions along with their culinary heritage, the peculiarities of their cooking methods and production as well as unique recipes and spices. Soon Smyrna became the capital of Asia Minor and a gastronomic mecca bridging together the textures, flavors and aromas of the East and the West.


The cuisine

Paying tribute to the culinary heritage of Asia Minor and Constantinople, the cuisine at the luxurious Mikrasia restaurant is characterized by the strong seasonings, intense flavors and authenticity of ingredients as well as the refinement of each dish. Get ready for an explosion of flavors and aromas from the Greek gastronomy inspired by homemade recipes of times gone by. Recipes that have traveled through time, have been modified and upgraded to exceed the expectations even of the most discerning tastes.


The menu

Inspired by Smyrna’s multicultural heritage, the menu of Mikrasia Restaurant elevates the culinary traditions of the past with bespoke and luxury twists aligning each dish with the gastronomic desires and demands of the modern era. Relax in the cozy and luxurious environs and let the flavors and aromas of Asia Minor enliven your senses.


Wines & Drinks

Featuring an extensive list of fine quality wine labels, champagne, signature and non-alcoholic cocktails as well as refined cognacs, liquors, ports, digestives and spirits, Mikrasia restaurant pairs the most exceptional flavors with an eclectic selection of divine drinks that will add a cheer to your day.


Mikrasia Mykonos

Mikrasia Mykonos