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Mikrasia Restaurant Mykonos

A fusion of tradition and modernity.

Katikies Mykonos Mikrasia Restaurant Q1A1146

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Inspired by Smyrna’s multicultural cuisine, the menu at Mikrasia Restaurant incorporates contemporary techniques to satisfy the modern desire for light yet sumptuous fine dining. Dishes retain all the flavours and ingredients of authentic recipes with a bespoke luxury twist, while the restaurant’s design and décor capture Symrna's essence along with an unmistakable aura of luxury. The background music—often live—complements the atmosphere and brings the menu to vibrant life.


+30 22890 27890

The restaurant is located at Katikies Mykonos hotel.

Opening times

Open daily from 19 to 22:30


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The Cuisine

Paying tribute to the culinary heritage of Asia Minor and Constantinople, the cuisine at the luxurious Mikrasia restaurant is characterized by the strong seasonings, intense flavors and authenticity of ingredients as well as the refinement of each dish. Get ready for an explosion of flavors and aromas from the Greek gastronomy inspired by homemade recipes of times gone by. Recipes that have traveled through time, have been modified and upgraded to exceed the expectations even of the most discerning tastes.

Katikies Mykonos Mikrasia Restaurant 7152

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The restaurant is located at Katikies Mykonos hotel.
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